100 Rules For Bloggers #11 – Host Your Own Blog

by on December 22, 2008

Rule #11:

Sure, it’s easier to use a free host for your blog at first.  Minimal startup time with WordPress.com or Blogger and you’re off to the races!

But you’re not in control of your own destiny.

For WordPress.com, they won’t let you advertise or put up affiliate links to 99% of the  programs out there, and you can’t add plugins or custom themes to your blog.

Blogger allows ads and slightly more control over the blog, but then your content is really owned by and at the whim of someone else and it’s hard to differentiate yourself on Blogger.  You can’t easily redirect or mask affiliate links and all the blogs look more or less the same.

Go to Godaddy, get a domain name for $9.50 and host it for free until you’re ready to pay the $4 a month to upgrade it.  If you do anything even a tiny bit right, you’ll be able to cover that $4 a month in your sleep by the second or third month.

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Robert January 4, 2009 at 1:10 pm

I found your site (like I told you on anonter comment I left you) on Blog Catalog. Your wite really interests me since I recently tried my hand (and still am) at an MLM named GDI. I am at the frustration point if not past it already. Do you have an opinion of GDI and if so what is it? Can you REALLY make money or is it one of the scams you mention here in your site? All the time I’ve invested and I don’t have one affiliate…I feel that it’s been time wasted.
Looking foward to your comments
Regards, Robert

Bob January 5, 2010 at 6:47 pm

Hey Electron Plumber,

I have a question for you….. what is the difference between a hosting your blog/website for free and hosting it on godaddy for the 4 dollars a month. Do you mean host it for free by hosting it on blogger or wordpress or are you saying that you can host something for free from GoDaddy?
Thanks for all of your help!!!! Cant wait for more posts….

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