The Backlink Bombardment Experiment Begins!

by on October 24, 2011

My last SEO experiment was wildly successful on a number of levels.  I’ve held the top position in Google for a keyword I thought was going to be much harder to rank for over two months now and now hold position 2 and 3 as well!  The sites are now more than paying the bill for the four link building services that I’m not really even using right now.

So I’m moving on to my next experiment!

I was going to do a Duplicate Content vs Spun vs Unique experiment next, but the 20-30% drop in traffic my sites have experienced with the latest Google 2.5 Panda update has made me rethink that.  The effort and cost involved in creating three different sites and hundreds of unique articles necessary to make the experiment fair doesn’t seem to be worth the end result right now.  I need to make a few new sites sing first to make up for the lost traffic and lost revenue.  Check back in 2012 for the Duplicate vs Spun vs Unique experiment.

Instead for the end of 2011, it’s time for the Backlink Bombardment!  I’ve going to point all 4 link building services from The Great Link Building Service Experiment at one site that I’ve never really built links for.

I’m going to take one site that I’ve been sitting on for a few years now that has never quite gotten off the ground traffic wise.  I’d set it up last year as an example of how you can make money on virtually anything that people might search for online, especially things you’d never really think people care about.  I had intended to make my own online course stepping through making the site and promoting it, but it went by the wayside.

I’d never really done any link building to the site other than basic social media link posting to Twitter, Mr Wong, Digg, etc.  But despite that it actually has some first page rankings for some fairly easy keywords.

It makes around $100 a month off 800 page impressions and 400 unique visitors a month.  The Adsense CTR and eCPM is about 5 times any of my other sites, so I know it could be a big cash cow if I can get the traffic up.  It doesn’t have any good #1  keyword ranking right now, but has some #5-10′s that are certainly worth going after.

It’s certainly not a big money maker and if the blitz manages to get it sandboxed or deindexed it certainly won’t break the bank.

I’m still paying for all 4 services from the Great Link Building Service experiment and I’m going to point ALL of them at this one site for the next few months.

I’ll do my best to keep the linking rate as natural looking as possible since most of the services all you to specify how quickly you want the links created or articles published.  I’ll probably start with 2 a day per service for the first week, then maybe 5 the next week, then 10 the week after, etc.

I’m also going to try to keep the link text natural as best I can, mixing in around 10% junk link text with the specified text and not let any one keyword or phrase go more than 50% for a page.

There are 8 keywords I’ll be going for, ones that are already ranking on some level.

So, without further ago here are the details at the start.  Difficulty is based on a scale from 1-10 with 10 being the hardest.

  • Earnings per month: $100
  • Page Rank: 0
  • Google Indexed Pages: 60 (including tags and category pages)
  • Articles: 15
  • Targeting 8 Keywords:
    • Keyword #1:
      • Words: 2
      • Difficulty: 5
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 5400
      • Google Position: 67
      • Bing Position: 25
    • Keyword #2:
      • Words: 3
      • Difficulty: 3
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 170
      • Google Position: 21
      • Bing Position: 20
    • Keyword #3:
      • Words: 3
      • Difficulty: 3
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 590
      • Google Position: 17
      • Bing Position: 20
    • Keyword #4
      • Words: 3
      • Difficulty: 4
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 880
      • Google Position: 200+
      • Bing Position: 5
    • Keyword #5
      • Words: 3
      • Difficulty: 2
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 720
      • Google Position: 8
      • Bing Position: 4
    • Keyword #6
      • Words: 2
      • Difficulty: 3
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 320
      • Google Position: 5
      • Bing Position: 37
    • Keyword #7
      • Words: 4
      • Difficulty: 4
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 1300
      • Google Position: 132
      • Bing Position: 65
    • Keyword #8
      • Words: 3
      • Difficulty: 3
      • Exact Searches Per Month: 480
      • Google Position: 200+
      • Bing Position: 160

Stay tuned for results!

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