Backlink Bombardment Experiment Week 3 Results

by on November 15, 2011

Time for a quick update on the Backlink Bombardment Experiment!  If you just joined on, I’m taking an existing site that has pretty much sat dormant for a year and using a couple of article backlinking services from The Great Link Building Service Experiment of 2011 on it.

Now, I was planning on really BOMBARDING the heck out of it full blast.  But a new time sensitive project with a Black Friday deadline has eaten into the time I was planning on putting into writing and spinning articles.

So far, the bombardment has consisted of:

Both spread out over the last few weeks.  Been too busy to really try out the awesome looking new TheBestSpinner upgrade that I use to spin my 1WayLinks articles, but it’s on my plate for this week.

So far though nothing stellar to report other than a small leap from PR0 to PR1.  Google & Bing continue to play with the search algorithm it seems and while some keywords have climbed up a bit, others have gone down a bit.  One thing I learned from my last experiment though is that slow and steady wins the race here.  It took a good four months before any of the sites broke the top 20 for any keywords, so I’m in this for the long haul.

Once I get a few more weeks of readings I’ll put these results into graphical form for easier viewing.

The actual results:

    • Page Rank: 1 (+1)
    • Keyword #1:
      • Google Position: 59 (+8)
      • Bing Position: 24 (+1)
    • Keyword #2:
      • Google Position: 36 (-15)
      • Bing Position: 17 (+3)
    • Keyword #3:
      • Google Position: 26 (-9)
      • Bing Position: 18 (+2)
    • Keyword #4
      • Google Position: 173 (+26)
      • Bing Position: 47 (-43)
    • Keyword #5
      • Google Position: 11 (+3)
      • Bing Position: 6 (-2)
    • Keyword #6
      • Google Position: 3 (+2)
      • Bing Position: 44 (-7)
    • Keyword #7
      • Google Position: 80 (+52)
      • Bing Position: 48 (+17)
    • Keyword #8
      • Google Position: 200+ (no change)
      • Bing Position: 119 (+41)

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