How To Make Thousands of Dollars Overnight!

by on October 11, 2011

I keep seeing pitches like this filling my spam email account I use to sign up for “free” reports and trials and ads all over the internet about how a Mom makes $6000+ a month “posting links” for Google.

Sometimes they say $1,000, sometimes $10,000, sometimes it’s overnight, sometimes it’s 14 days.  In any event, as you probably suspect, it’s going to cost $27 or $47, or $97 or $197 to find out.  Yeah, everyone likes to end their prices with 7′s.  Does it help?  Probably not.

So how does it work?  How can you make thousands of dollars overnight?

Simple!  First create a website for a scammy affiliate offer or eBook get rich quick offer where you show people how to make money advertising on the internet, the same one that you thought about buying.  For most of them, you can make $20 every time someone buys one.  Not that hard to find, there are plenty of them out there.  Start with Clickbank, but to make real money you’ll probably have to go down the ladder a few rungs and find a shady offer or payment processor.

Next, do a little advertising.  Google Adwords probably will ban you for advertising this stuff.  But there are plenty of others.  Say you spend $100 on advertising.  Did you sell at least 4-5 copies and come close to breaking even?  Good!  Otherwise, try again with another product, another site, and another $100.

Found a winner before you wasted thousands of dollars?  Great!

Now, tweak your site or sales page filling it with half truths and emotional pitches that have nothing to do with the eBook or product but about working at home, financial freedom, how a drunk slob like until you went from being $50,000 in debt to owning your own yacht, etc.  Spend another $100 dollars on advertising.  Did you sell 6 or more?  Awesome.  You just spent $100 on advertising and made $120 for a net gain of $20.  Tweak it some more.  Add a bizarre picture with some animation to your advertising to catch peoples attention, throw a bunch of fake comments at the bottom of your site.  See if you can get 15 or more sales for $100 in advertising for a 50% profit.

Great!  Now spend $20,000 on advertising all over the internet, or say some guys in India or China to create a Facebook virus that “likes” your page 100,000 times.  Do it right and you’ll get $30,000 back for a $10,000 profit.  Wait, what?  Oh yeah, they forget to mention that to make money quickly, you need money to spend.

Now sit back and wait a month until you get paid from the affiliate program or payment processor.  Rinse, repeat until it stops working, which will probably be very soon.  Once you start advertising in enough quantity to make a decent amount of money the vultures come out and start copying your offer.

And there you go!  Now you know why you see so many of these scammy offers and ads all over the internet.  It’s big business and so far the FTC can barely keep up with the biggest and worst of them.

Still thinking about spending $29 on that site promising you thousands of dollars a month posting links on Google?  At least now you know what you are buying.

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Peter October 12, 2011 at 5:50 am

I have seen this scam here in the UK. An unemployed mother earning over £4k per month. Taking it literally, if she is earning that money she is not unemployed. Setting aside any possible fraud here I am sure Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs would like a word with her with a view to tax evasion because she should have registered her employment. Before anyone mentions it, yes I did see it as a scam, I was pointing out how stupid the advert is.

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