100 Rules For Bloggers – #6 – Don’t Ask People To $upport Your Blog.

by El Plumber (admin) on December 12, 2008

Rules For Bloggers #6:

I’ve noticed a trend on BlogCatalog lately where random people will post a message to my Shoutbox saying things like, “I just $upported your blog, come $upport mine!”, or “I $miled on your blog, come $mile on mine!”

If you can’t read h4x0r, replace the $ with an S.  That means the random person “Supported” someone elses blog by going there and clicking on Pay Per Click ads (which aren’t in my case since I don’t do PPC on any of my sites) and now they want me to do the same.

I don’t want your dishonest nickel nor do I want to give you one.  Don’t support click fraud and don’t ask others to get involved in it.

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