100 Rules For Bloggers – #4 – Don’t Write About Making Money Online if You’re Not.

by El Plumber (admin) on December 8, 2008

Rules For Bloggers #4:

Don’t blog about how to make money online if you’re not actually making money online.

I think lots of people were “squeezed” out of $47 on their credit card, downloaded an eBook and learned (erroneously, I might add) that Clickbank product review blogs would make you rich.  Tossing up a blog full of bad reviews about some great Clickbank eBooks that you’ve never seen isn’t going to make you any money online.

For example, if you search for “Whypark review“, you find a bunch of single page blog sites on the second, third, and two hundredth page of Google saying how great it is, how easy it is to make money using it, when they obviously have never used it.  If you hunt though, you eventually find the one or two real reviews from real people who have used it, give the examples of the sites that you can actually go to and see it in action and whatnot.

Well, ok, some people get lucky and might squeeze out a sale here and there and it might make you some  very small money, but don’t do it on your blog.  You’re making the Internet look bad and tarnishing your name and reputation and blog in the process  If there is a real Product that you have really purchased and really used to make significant money online, then promote it on your blog, but do it right!  Let everyone know exactly how you made money using it including examples and actual references, how hard/easy it was, etc.

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