Add Value By Doing Less

by El Plumber (admin) on April 24, 2011

candynecklacekit 150x150 Add Value By Doing LessIt sounds crazy, but there are times when you can add value and make more money by doing less work.

There are plenty of stories of people turning something worthless into gold using the power of persuasion.    The famous Tom Sawyer lesson where he realizes that he can convince his friends that whitewashing the fence is a privilege and they pay him to take over his job.  The ShamWow commercials that turn a regular old car drying towel into the absorbent miracle of the lifetime.   If you can convince people that something has extra value, they will pay your more for it.

I was in a candy store over the weekend, buying stuff for the kids Easter baskets when I saw a thing of marketing beauty right there on the shelf.  On one side were traditional candy necklaces, the staple portable candy snack for kids and ravers alike, they were $0.50 each.  And right next to them was a box of “Make Your Own Easter Candy Necklace Kits”, where for just $10 you could get 8 necklace kits.  For those who don’t like doing the math in their head, that’s $1.25 each.  See where I’m going here?

Other than the inclusion of a single bunny shaped candy that couldn’t have been worth more than $0.10, they were identical to the regular old pre-made candy necklaces.  Well, identical except you had to buy 8 of them at a time and they cost almost three times as much.

By turning it into a do it yourself kit, some enterprising candy maker figured out what to do with all the broken necklaces from the factory and earn more to boot.

There is a valuable lesson here.  Sometimes you can take a tired old concept, REMOVE something from it, and respin it as a great new thing.  Think about it.

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