BuildMyRank First Impressions – Great SEO Link Building Experiment 2011

by on February 20, 2011

As part of the Great Link Building Service Experiment of 2011, I’ve started paying for and using the four services in the experiment.

A couple people have commented that they think BuildMyRank is the only service in the experiment that really has any legs.  It’s really as close to a White Hat link building network as you can possibly get.  So I decided to start there first.

And right off the bat, my site was REJECTED from the BuildMyRank network.  I received this email the other night:

Dear El Plumber, your domain (removed) has been rejected due to the following reasons:

Only developed domains are acceptable. Site needs more content.
Please take a minute to review our domain acceptance guidelines.  If changes are made to your domain which would make it acceptable in our network, you can re-submit your domain for re-consideration by just logging into your account, clicking Edit for the domain in question, and submitting again.

Huh!  They really are serious about protecting the integrity of their network.  Since I had been planning on growing pages slowly on each site, I had submitted a site that had only one page of content and thus, not acceptable.

I dug a little further into their rules to I could fix it.  BuildMyRank requires:

  1. English only
  2. No spammy sites – plastered with links and junk
  3. No porn or gambling or hate sites
  4. No autoblogs or single landing pages
  5. No duplicate sites

Seems like I had hit #4.  So if you are thinking of using BuildMyRank to promote your squeeze page or single page made for Adsense niche keyword site, think again.

I quickly went and fleshed out Link Building Service Experiment Site #1, adding three other pages and a couple of Amazon widgets to give it some color.  To make it fair, I’m going to have to go do the same to the other 4 sites as well.  There goes my weekend plans.

The next step was to provide content.  Their service require all content to be unique and a minimum of 150 words per link.  No spun content, no duplicate content.  I decided not to test their spin and duplicate content detection system just yet, having already been dinged once for my single page site.

So I quickly whipped out 8 unique articles in the targeted niche, each around 150 words long with one link each.  I varied the link text a little, with 6 of the articles targeting my main three word keyword, on article targeting a level up with just two out of the three words, and one article targeting the plural of the three word keyword.  Will it make a difference with only eight links?  Probably not.

Honestly, it took less than 1 hour to write all 8 articles.  I simply opened 8 different text editor windows and moved from one to the other, writing a paragraph on a subject in the first one, then rewriting in the second, then the third, etc.  It’s far easier and quicker than you think.  Give it a try.

Next, I was able to upload all 8 articles all at once by uploading them in a single CSV file.  No need to do each one manually, as long as the HTML is properly formatted in the CSV file including the links, it’s super simple and fast.

This shows one of the tougher parts of this experiment, where much is dependent on my own effort here.  The other services provide a fixed number of links from a small amount of content.  1waylinks gives 250 links per month, LinkAloha around the same, but BuildMyRank and UniqueArticleWizard seem to be unlimited based on the amount of articles you feel like writing.

But that’s also the point of this experiment.  If I can get the same ranking results from 1waylinks by just writing one article and spinning it for 250 links than I can from writing 10 articles for BuildMyRank, I’ll chose the one that takes less time.

Of course, if they all work fairly well, that’s the best possible result.  The best way to create a natural backlink profile is lots of different links from different sources.

So far, I’m liking BuildMyRank quite a bit.  It’s easy to use and fast.  We’ll see where the rankings end up.

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Bolaji O | February 21, 2011 at 11:52 am


Yo – I’m INCREDIBLY excited about your experiment! Ha ha!

I’ve had SEVERAL false starts with backlink building. With so many services, free and paid, and then so many different techniques, it can be an all-consuming task to undertake!

I love your case study approach, where you’re experimenting on yourself first, to find the most effective approach. All the while giving us a close view of what’s working. And what’s not.

Tim Ferris of the Four Hour Work Week does this a lot, actually.
(He experiments on himself… in his case, often these are physical experiments! LOL! Sounds kind of Frankensteinish. Anyway.)

Anyway, I’ve subscribed, and I look forward to the next episode.

Keep plumbing.


r4 April 18, 2011 at 6:45 pm

I use and have had some really good results… though sometimes I have noticed (and have not testing this enough to be 100% certain) that there seems to be a ceiling you hit.. Like after 50 – 60 posts linking to one domain, it simply does not continue to move the site up at all, and rankings no longer seem to improve. But still testing this.

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