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by on April 18, 2009

corey gets cash google cash kit[ad]

These ads for work at home part time job for Google sites just keep on coming.  I found another Easy Google Profit fake blog site this morning, this one from Corey Peters at Corey Got Green (  Funny thing was, I didn’t find this one through an ad right away, but rather on the Alexa top 15 Hot URLs.  Nestled among such top stories as “Pirates attack tanker; NATO frees 20 fishermen” at Yahoo and “‘Talent’ star keeps singing, raves keep coming” on CNN was the Corey Got Green work at home part time job site advertising for Google Cash Kit (Free!).

In my opinion, the Corey Got Green site is one the worst of these work at home sites so far, maybe crossing the line from scam into outright fraud.

Why do I think this?

  • Fake Blog – no place to comment, no other posts, nothing.
  • Free – Not a single comment on the “blog” about how they’re going to charge you a monthly fee of at least $125 on the credit card you give them for the FREE offer.  Wait, it’s “free” but you have to pay $1.95 for shipping to have them email you a link.  How is $1.95 for electronic delivery free?
  • Notice how Corey lives in your town?  He lives in my town too.
  • Clicking on any link for the Google Cash Kit takes you to and the Easy Google Profit site.  Now this is where you are about to be tricked.  Enter your address, then it asks for your credit card.  Nowhere on either of those two pages does it say ANYTHING about how much you will be charged.  However, hidden at the bottom of the page and in tiny font is a link to the Terms And Conditions.  Click on it and read and find this:

The initial shipping and handling charge of one dollars and ninety seven cents, includes the google treasure chest kit as well as seven days worth of access to the online directories and training. After seven days, if you choose not to cancel, you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the membership. Membership fees will be charged to the credit card used by you to complete the transaction. You have also unlocked a fourteen-day trial and twenty one-day trial to the Fraud SafeLockID and GrantSpring for just $38.84 and $24.87 a month thereafter (shows as “SafeLockID” and “GrantSpring”) should you choose not to cancel.”

Got that?  They’re going to whack you for $125 a month in three different charges in the hope that if you cancel one, they’ll sneak the other two by you for a month or two.  And no where on the page where you enter your credit card is there even a hint about ongoing monthly charges.  At least the other sites put a disclaimer at the bottom.  Not this one.

What do you get for signing up?  I don’t know since I haven’t tried it.  Needless to say, anyone that needs to trick customers to this level is NOT worth looking at seriously.  Whatever they are offering can’t stand on it’s own merits.

I have some guesses as to what you get for your $125.  Check them out on our article about another eerily similar “blog” at Josh Made Cash – Your Cash! Google Biz Kit, and Google Cash Kit Scams Are Back.

What Should I Do If I Get Taken?

  1. Don’t feel bad!  Seems like hundreds if not thousands of people have been taken in by these sort of “negative option” offers that trick you by not clearly disclosing you are signing up for monthly charges.  You were tricked, it happens to the best of us.
  2. Call the number provided on the website that took you in IMMEDIATELY.  Have more than one witness listen when you call and/or record the conversation if possible.  Unfortunately many people have complained that they can never get anyone to talk to when they call.  Finding that number is up to you, they seem to keep changing.
  3. Call/write your credit card company and dispute the charges.
  4. Monitor your credit accounts!  You just gave some shady characters your name, address, phone number, credit card and secret 3 digit card number.   Click here to sign up for Experian ID Protection monitoring.  Unlike the Google Biz Kits, Experian clearly states that it’s actually free for 30 days, then only $9.95 a month to monitor your credit accounts for fraud and identity theft.  I’d suggest signing up for AT LEAST the free month to make sure no one tries to change your address or open a new card using your current cards details.

I Didn’t Get Taken, But What Can I Do To Help?

What can you do to stop these guys from taking in more people? Warn everyone about it!
  1. Click Here to Share this on Facebook! Hit “Post to Profile” to warn your friends.
  2. Use the “Share This” links below to Digg or Twitter or Stumble or Reddit or Email or whatever service you use to share this so that other people might see it before they get scammed too!
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Lai The Phong July 1, 2009 at 10:09 am

how i can take 3000 usd from link google cash kit???

Lai The Phong July 1, 2009 at 10:11 am

help me now. i very need money. thank you very much!!!

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