Google Kit Scams Are Breaking The Law, Don’t Call The Victims Names

by on December 21, 2009

handgesturesEvery once in a while, someone with a misinformed opinion adds a comment to one of our Google Kit scam posts similar to the following.  This time it was courtesy of someone named “Jonathan” on our post about the Easy Google Profit scam:

I think you guys are idiots, how can you guys not read the fine print. Its obvious there are only 2 of you stupid people who wrote this blog. Next time if you give out your credit card number i advise you to read everthing before you sign up. Basically what you guys have done was gave a person your credit card information without reading anything. Its like signing a contract without reading anything. Good Grief. I hope these stupid people may stop putting advertisement saying this is a “scam”, while there are advertising other online business opportunities and advertising there links to earn money from people. So lame hypocrites. Thank you and that is my 2 cent.

Funny thing is, if we go check out traffic logs, the people who post these types of comments typically arrive here by searching for something like “easy google profit affiliate”, meaning they are looking for how to get in on this scam and make money off honest folk like you.

Well, Jonathan, first off we do not advertise The Electron Plumber anywhere.  Not even a tiny bit.  We did buy $7 worth of Google Adwords once, and you can see where that got us.  You found your way here either through a search engine who deems our content worthy of being at the top of a search, or from a reader or fan who linked to us from their page.  We say it’s a scam because we really do think it’s a scam, not just to get your attention in an ad.

Second, these Google Fortune scams are not to be confused with the real legitimate online business programs we point visitors to here.  For example, Site Build It is the only place we recommend right now for starting an online money making business, simply because it’s legitimacy cannot be argued.  SiteSell has 40,000 happy customers, has been in business for 10+ years, includes a full 30 day refund policy and an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau to prove they honor their 30 day refund policy.  Site Build It has hundreds of testimonials from real people whose sites you can actually go see for yourself.  Lumping SiteSell in with those Google Kit scams is like lumping in Best Buy with the van hanging out in the parking lot selling “used” car stereos.

Third, people who are caught up in these Home Income Library type scams are not stupid as the poster suggests.  For example, my Grandmother might be reading Fox News and think an advertisement is a legitimate link, click on it and be brought to a site where the format is exactly like Fox News but pushing the Home Income Library scam.  How would she know she was about to be conned?

Put anyone in an unfamiliar element and see how they make out.  Picture yourself walking into an antique store where almost all the items are a pretty good reproduction or knockoff.  Could you tell the difference?  Would you know enough to walk out of the store?  Of maybe you see what looks like a pretty good deal on an antique lamp and buy it, only to find out after you get home and plug it in that it doesn’t work and has a “Made In China” sticker hidden under the bulb housing.  Then when you return to the antique store it’s simply gone.

Do not blame the victim.  This is crime, pure and simple. And it will continue to go unchecked until the FTC gets some balls and starts really going after these people, including the affiliates who advertise them, the ad networks who allow the ads (I’m looking at you AdBrite) and the sites that accept the advertising (that’s you Fox News).

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