Google Treasure Chest Exposed!

by on June 27, 2009

Thanks to Big Chuck Turner for pointing us to a  news video produced by the hard hitting news team at a local ABC affiliate in Philadelphia about the Google Treasure Chest and the fake Miami Gazette News site promoting it.  Note that the news story doesn’t touch on the affiliate networks promoting this, or the fact that the Miami Gazette News is 99% likely not related to Google Treasure Chest in particular, but an affiliate site pointing to whatever Google money making scheme is paying the most that month.

Video after the break.

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Akrido July 1, 2009 at 8:19 am

Forget the Google-themed scams. This one is so professional-looking that people are probably falling for it in their tens of thousands:

Notice how this page seems to be a portal for several different scam sites (see the links at the bottom). Does this mean that several scammers have pooled their efforts? Or is it just one con artist posing as a “company” with several different “brands?”

roadrunner August 11, 2009 at 7:46 am

Another scam…There is no Mary Steadman that lives in Ridgecrest, CA…I know because I also live in Ridgecrest, CA. and checked out info about Mary Steadman…I almost got hooked up in that scam, but U know what I conviently lost my credit card, so had to apply for a new one, they didn’t scam this old Dud.

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