“I Think I’ll Scam Some People Today!”

by El Plumber (admin) on February 6, 2011

backdoor scam 300x241 I Think Ill Scam Some People Today!Wow.

I was looking through some keyword analytics for The Electron Plumber this morning and was a bit surprised.  Unlike my money sites, I don’t do any real keyword targeting on this site, basically letting Google and the other search engines throw some traffic my way and seeing what sticks.

I did spend $7 once on some Adwords advertising since I had a some free Adsense advertising credits from a hosting account, but that didn’t turn out so well.

I haven’t done any link building or article marketing for this site.  Nor have I done any Facebook or Twitter promoting, or forum posting, or email list building or any of the traditional internet marketing techniques everyone tells you to do.  Until now I’ve just been blowing off steam on electronplumber.com and letting it ride and seeing what happens while putting my time and effort into my real money sites.  If you found this site, good for you!  Hope it helps you in some way.

But I am launching some awesome new SEO experiments in the coming weeks that I might try to keyword target, so I figured I’d take a look at exactly what ElectronPlumber.com ranks for by checking my keyword stats

Many of the keywords come from my articles on the Home Income Kit scam fake news site, or people looking for info on Chitika vs Adsense, or people looking for Amazon Affiliate site examples, or a bunch looking for info on single use credit cards, and various other disparate keywords.

About half way down the list these start showing up as regular search engine queries that bring visitors to this site:

  • easy scams
  • easiest scams
  • profitable scams
  • easy way to scam people

And more longer tail keywords like this the further down the list you go.

Which means that some people wake up every morning and think to themselves “Hmmmm, I think I’ll spend the day trying to scam  anyone I can catch!”

Keep your eyes open out there!

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