People do NOT Buy Stuff on Christmas

by on December 26, 2008

downward_graphWell, I suspected this.  I posted about the Alexa traffic graph for Amazon last week, and if you look closely you’ll notice a dip right around Christmas last year.  I suspected that Christmas wasn’t going to be a good conversion day, and BOY was I right.

Ready for this?  Over the past 4-5 months I’ve routed 40,000 clicks to Amazon through various sites and ads.  My conversion rate is an average of 12.5%.  Meaning that for every 8 clicks I drive from my sites and ads to Amazon, someone buys 1 item.  My lowest single day conversion rate since I’ve started doing this was 3.61% on a Saturday near the end of September.  My highest was 85% on a day when someone ordered 200 student dictionaries in one pop.  Totally throws my numbers off, but heck, I’ll take the commission sure.

Anyway, my conversion rate yesterday (Christmas) was a whopping 1.71%.  I drove 461 clicks to Amazon yesterday and people bought 8 items.  Ouch.   Between not shutting down my Adwords ads and 1/30th hosting fee cost, I think I actually lost money yesterday.

Someone remind me to turn off all my ads next Christmas please.  People don’t seem to buy stuff.  Plenty of browsers, very few buyers.

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