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by on January 11, 2010

Found another great WordPress plugin the other day, this one called DoFollow Trackbacks. If you link to any article on The Electron Plumber you get a dofollow link in return back to your site from that article!

What is dofollow?

By default, WordPress has a built in feature for both trackbacks and pingbacks, both methods used to update someone of a link back to their site.

Thus, if I was to link to your website from The Electron Plumber, you would receive a notification through your WordPress or Blogger interface that someone was linked to your site.  It’s automatic and requires no effort on the part of the linker or the linkee.

Another feature of WordPress is that you can allow trackbacks to appear on the original article page as a way of thanking the other site for linking back to you in the first place.  But by default those links at marked as “rel=nofollow”.

Now, if you have a website or blog or plan on doing any internet marketing and do not know what nofollow is and how it affects you, you’ll have to learn.  Basically marking a link with a “rel=nofollow” tag is a way to tell search engines (specifically Google) that you do not trust that link and you do not want the search engine to count that link as a vote for the site you are linking to.  The most common uses are to link to an affiliate program, or to link to a site you want to point out to users as a bad site, or simply to prevent spam.  The theory is that if blog comments and user editable sites such as Wikipedia automatically nofollow links, then spammers won’t bother trying to build links using them to get a better search engine ranking.  It certainly doesn’t prevent all spam, but seems to cut down on it for the most part.

Also, if you allow people to place links in your comments that are dofollow, search engines see that as an endorsement.  And if that endorsement goes to a known spam or “bad” site, the search engine may actually penalize you for putting such a bad link on your site, that is unless is is nofollowed.

What does all this mean for you?  If you link to any of our articles from your site or blog, you get an automatic dofollow link back to your site or blog from the page you linked to!


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