Avoid Terribly Written Comments On Other Blogs – 100 Rules For Bloggers #18

by on December 6, 2009

We have a bunch of niche WordPress sites that target various semi-popular search engine keywords.  Some are newer and earn less than $20 a month, some are about a year and a half old and earn over $1000 a month, others fall somewhere in between.

And on all of them we get complete junk comments left all the time.  We use a great WordPress comment spam plugin that eliminates all the auto generated spam by making comment posters solve a CAPTCHA if they want to post a comment with a link in it, so everything we see it actually entered by a human being.

Here is one example:

all kids wanted to have an bike,,any kind of bike,,it depend on their age,,but the top priority is security to be safe,,they need our guidance and advice on how to ride to the bike especially to the beginner..

That was left just the other day on a post about a kids bike.  Just for fun, let us list what is wrong with it:

  1. No capital letters
  2. Double commas everywhere
  3. Terrible grammar
  4. No reference to the article in question
  5. Nothing interesting at all about the comment

Yes, I know the poster in question was just trying to build links for their site, but this is NOT the way to do it.  Here, let me rewrite it for you:

I had this great bike as a kid.  It had one of those big old horns and a basket in the front.  It had only one gear and did not go that fast, but I loved it.  This bike is pretty neat looking, but I would love to find an old school bike somewhere.

There you go.  You can still cross post that on as many bike reviews as you want and it is still relevant to each.

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Bob January 7, 2010 at 6:59 pm

Hey great blog post as usual!!!! I wish you would post more often haha. By the way, could you link me to this wordpress blog when you can in your next post? I could really use a new bike….

Australian Web Sites March 9, 2010 at 3:29 am

I get so tired of the spammy comments.
I even delete well written relevant ones when they insist on peppering the reply with links (come on you get a link back anyway!)
I don’t mind giving the poster a do follow link back to their site but I find many posters try and cram as many affiliate links as they can into a comment.

A bit of advice for your readers:
If you don’t add anything to the post or take time to think up a relevant comment I’m hitting that spam button and so will most webmasters so try for 10 GOOD comments a day rather than 100 spammy ones – I bet they get accepted!

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