Write In Your Native Language – 100 Rules For Bloggers #17

by El Plumber (admin) on December 3, 2009

There seems to be a misconception out there that since English is the dominant language on the Internet that one should create and write sites in English. Do not fall into this trap.

If English is your first language, learn to write it correctly.  Go read www.bartleby.com/141/ and www.economist.com/research/styleguide/ for all the rules you need to know.  It is dry, read it anyway.

If English is your second language, do not try to blog in it unless you can write in English at least at a High School level.   If you want to do it for practice, go for it, but make sure you get a good writer to review it and provide feedback and corrections, or you will never improve.  Native English speakers will not respect you at all and will not read your site.  Search Engines will ignore you.

Seriously consider writing in your native language.  You actually have an advantage that many English speakers do not.  You can take an already popular English blog and adapt the idea to your own language.  Not steal the content mind you, but just the site idea.  I can imagine there is no site like www.cakewrecks.com in other languages, but there has to be an equivalent cultural idea out there for China or India or Spain.

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