Google Kit Scam Sites – The Full List

by on June 21, 2009

[ad] Well folks, I just can’t keep up anymore!  There are so many ads placed by affiliates pushing these different Google Money Kit, Google Biz Kits, Internet Cash Kits, Google Fast Cash, Google Money Makers and lying/hiding the real pricing that we here at the Plumber just can’t keep up posting about each one we find.

So here we go, a master list of all the affiliate sites, all the programs they link to, and how to cancel them.  For a full explanation on why these are all scams in our opinion and how they work, see The Easy Google Profit Scam.  Note that all of these typically say things like “As Seen on CNN, NBC, ABC, Fox, Google, CNBC, and As Seen On TV” which they can technically if they have purchased advertising on any of those sites.

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Flogs (Fake Blogs)

Mike’s Money Site at – Classic Flog with GeoIP tracking to make it look like Mike Smithson lives in your town too with his beautiful wife Angela and his daughter Marie.  Links to Google Cash Secret at

Diago’s Road To Riches at – This one is an ethnic focused Flog shooting for suckering in the Latino surfer.  Nice picture of “Diego Gonzales from California” holding a pile of money and includes a link that takes you to “Chasque Aquí Para Español” where you see the El Camino de Diego Para Riquezas spanish version of the page.   Links to The Google Money System Home Business Kit which takes you to www.yoursearchprofits and our friend Easy Google Profit  from Google Pay Day.

Welcome To My Money Blog at – Says he’s Jeremy Parker from the Woodland, CA area and uses the same picutre of the guy in a tuxido as many of the other sites.   Links to Google Biz Kit and Earn Google Cash with a title “Earn Cash With Google”.  Terms and Conditions say your are dealing with DR globalDirect, Inc. d/b/a Reg.Net.   Hidden monthly charge here is $69.90 after 7 days.

Bryans Money Blog at – My name is Bryan Hunter. I am originally from the Irvington, NY area.  But he looks *exactly* like Jeremy Parker and Kevin Hoeffer and all the rest, same exact pictures and everything.  Links to the Google Cash Kit, which again brings you right to which appears to be owned by a company called JRS Media Solutions.   Read the terms and conditions that only appear as a link on the purchase page and you get this:  “I am ordering the Earn Google Cash™ CD and trial membership for $2.29 S&H, after the 7-day trial I will be charged $59.95 if I do not cancel. I also agree to the 14 day and 21 day bonus trials to Grant Master™ and Network Agenda™ for $7.95 a month and $9.95 a month thereafter, should I choose not to cancel.”

Scotts Money Blog at – Bryan’s brother Scott lives in your town too!  That’s amazing huh!  Again total fake, another GeoIP targeting script that figures out where you live by your internet providers IP address.  This site calls it Google Fast Cash and again links to and the Google Pay Day company.

Jennifers Money Blog at – another flog using GeoIP Targeting to try to make you think that Jennifer Hunter (maybe Bryan and Scotts long lost sister!) is making money online in your town and can show you the secret for only $2.95!  Oh, and $95 after 7 days, and $34 after 14 days, and $24 after 21 days, then again the next month. Links to Google Fast Cash same as the others, and our old friends at yoursearchprofits and Google Pay Day.

How I Made Cash Make Money At Home Online at – Kevin Hoeffer lives!  No GeoIP tracking here, Kevin lives in California and has been wearing that same wedding tux in about 200 different blogs now.  All the links say Google Cash Kit, click on anything and you go to which says it’s owned by someone named Eco Marketing, LLC.

Resource Of Wealth at – The title of this one is Welcome To My Money Blog and starts our old friend Kevin Hoeffer’s picture in the wedding tuxedo, but this time his name is Jeremy Parker, originally from the Woodland, CA area.  This affiliate apparently decided not to spring for GeoIp targeting for his flog.  This one sells a Google Cash Starter Kit and a Google Biz Kit.  All links take you to and Google Fast Cash run by Cash Secret Club.

Chris Fraiser at – Chris lives in your town through the magic of the GeoIP tracker software with his wife who was “amazed”  when he found the only non-scam method to earn money online.  Except that the only non-scam method for him to make money online is to scam you out of your money.  Ingenious in a way.  Links to Make Money With Google and the Easy Google Cash kit litter the page, all of them take you to

Your Internet Fortune at – Well, the guy in the tux has changed his name this time to David Blount from New Hampshire.  Typical flog with the typical green layout.  But this one is being promoted with a vengeance.  It’s been on the Alexa top 60 for a few days now.  Links to Google Cash Kit ultimately bring you to good old

The Manchester Herald at – Takes our old friend Mary Steadman out for a run again.  Very likely a cheap knockoff by an internet marketing wannabe gunning for future FTC investigation.  Nice newsy gothic font though.   Links to Google Biz Kit that bring you to where else but

Fake News Sites

Los Angeles Weekly News at – Newer style fake news site discussing our dear old friend Mary Steadman and how she made a killing using the Google Home Business Kit links to www.yoursearchprofits and the classic Easy Google Profit system from Google Pay Day.

Online Jobs Journal at – “Breaking News. Top Stories. Trusted Sources” is their tag line and boy are they anything but.  Our good friend Mary Steadman and her picutre with the toddler is featured prominantly in this one.  Pushes the Google Biz Kit, which links to a page titled “Google Fire” and is the same old www.yoursearchprofits from Google Pay Day and the Easy Google Profit scam.

Your Town Monitor Tribune at – Uses GeoIP targeting to look like it’s a newspaper from your town which they think makes people trust it more.  Says the program is called Google Cash but again links to Google Fast Cash at

World Job News at – Wow, this is certainly taking the news site pioneered by the Los Angeles Tribune and Miami Gazette to new heights.  This one REALLY looks like a random news site, complete with author tag line and photo, little video and good quality photos.  Other than the fact that the page renders poorly with overlapping links and takes 5+ minutes that is.  Links to a program called Google Money Master but sents you right to our old buddy at www.yoursearchprofits from Google Pay Day and the Easy Google Profit scam.

Your Town, State Local News titled at – This one takes the World Job News format above one step further.  Looks like they cleaned up the HTML problems or maybe the one above was just a cheap copy of the  Since the title says but the url is, I suspect someone is knocking off another affiliates site.  It does look really good, and the GeoIP targeting that says “Your Town, CA Local News” will fool a lot of people.  Plus it makes it harder to look for the scam since you can’t search on the newspaper name.   The fake reporter’s name is Tom Chilton @ which is likely the original site this was knocked off from.  The link is to Google Money Master and you end up at and Easy Google Cash.   The terms and conditions on this one:

You  may cancel Your subscription by calling toll-free at 1-800-497-4988 or 1-801-578-9020 (International customers please call 1-866-321-2728), or by writing to 1810 E Sahara Ave, Suite 1-341, Las Vegas, NV 89104. Should You fail to cancel Your Subscription within the 7 day trial, You will be billed $2.95. Additionally, You will be billed $79.90 again 7 days from the Trial Start date  and every month thereafter for Your monthly Subscription unless canceled by You.

Your Town Daily News at – Is Working Online At Home The Way to Financial Freedom?  Yes, but this deal will only put you in debt.  Another GeoIP named site with the traditional fake news layout.  All links say Easy Google Profits and link to good old and this time the name is Google Money Master.

More To Come!

I Was Taken By One Of These Sites! What Do I Do?

  1. Don’t feel bad! Seems like hundreds if not thousands of people have been taken in by these sort of “negative option” offers that trick you by not clearly disclosing you are signing up for monthly charges. You were tricked, it happens to the best of us.
  2. In our opinion you should call/write your credit card company, report your card stolen, and dispute the charges.  Basically you’ve just been internet mugged and getting these people to stop charging your card is reported to be very difficult.  Reporting the card stolen gets you a new card number immediately and disables the old one.
  3. Monitor your credit accounts by clicking here for a free month of Experian ID Protection monitoring.  You just gave some shady characters your name, address, phone number, credit card and secret 3 digit card number.  You think they’ll stop trying to take money from you just because you canceled your card number?  Experian is a respected company, one of the Big Three credit reporting agencies.  The ID Protection is free for 30 days and comes with a free credit report and free monitoring and a free fraud support hotline.  Then it’s only $9.95 a month if you don’t cancel before the 30 days are up. I’d strongly suggest signing up for the free month, call the hotline and ask for help, then check your credit report to make sure no one has tried to change your address or open a new card using your cards details.

I Didn’t Get Taken, But What Can I Do To Help?

What can you do to stop these guys from taking in more people? Warn everyone about it!
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  2. Use the “Share This” links below to Digg or Twitter or Stumble or Reddit or Email or whatever service you use to share this so that other people might see it before they get scammed too!
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James July 1, 2009 at 1:55 am


The Whyman July 10, 2009 at 1:13 am

I had my suspicions from the start. First of all, I had never heard of this internet e-newsletter supposedly from my small city.
Secondly, the references from “satisfied customers” at the bottom seemed too contrived.
What clinched it for me is when I noticed on the side a photo and caption from another customer- also from my town coincidentally- but it mentioned that he was “just an average American”. Since I don’t live in the United States, this confirmed it for me.
I guess they didn’t think this all the way through.

DEB July 13, 2009 at 3:55 pm

Well you can add another to the list that popped up on my computer…This really needs to stop somehow. It is not like there isn’t enough desperate people to fall for this….Alot of $2.00 turn into to millions for these rip off artists. I would like to catch them all and see that they get what they deserve.

DEB July 13, 2009 at 3:58 pm

THE Name of the Website is: Google Money Master

Antony July 18, 2009 at 9:13 pm

Sometimes I feel we’re just sticking our fingers in the proverbial dyke.

Domains are cheap, hosting is cheap, e-books are even cheaper.

Today I come across this one,– the “Google Money Master”. Registered just a month ago. Ironic the DNS Server is

Notice the geo-targeting doesn’t seem to work yet : “Are online jobs for you? Well it is for Mike Richardson, who lives in , , who filled out a simple online form. For Mike working online was the way to get a new job.”

I’m still looking for all the Hummers that should be tooling around my hometown from these overnight millionaires.

The requisite dozen glowing testimonials from folks just like us follow the “offer”. Of course the Reply buttons are duds…

These are apparently proliferating through Affiliate programs, so expect the amount of ads to grow exponentially. This page has links to other “programs” that in turn have links to still other “programs”…..

Even Googling this recent wrinkle “Google Money Master” and the latest wrinkle, “Twitter Profits”, at best takes you to sites that claim these are scams, but at the same time promise to direct you to the “real” program that is guaranteed to bring in that 5K a week “just for posting links”.

For the record, those who are making honest $$$ on the Internet generally don’t show their hand. There are legitimate venues that do discuss how to become successful through legitimate e-commerce, but it takes HARD WORK and no one spills their own hard-learned secrets.

If I didn’t have this darn conscience and the need to sleep at night, I could out-do these amateurs pushing empty promises in a minute. It’s much harder to sell real commodities in this tough economy. I’m sure Admin here and thousands of other honest affiliates fit into this same category.


Ankit Dangi July 29, 2009 at 6:30 am

Regarding yourinternetfortune, this guy displays the location as per the IP address that is accessing the web page. I accessed the web page by changing IP addresses from different locations and the guy changed his location accordingly.

Try it, and you’ll notice the difference too.

frank johnson September 16, 2009 at 3:40 pm

Add “” to your scam list. Fool me Once!

carlotta khero September 19, 2009 at 4:16 pm
this site is advertised on face book and asks for 2.95 for a download pamphlet and then they charges my card 72 .95 cents and i can’t get my money back

Johan December 2, 2009 at 1:58 pm

Further proof that the person who calls himself Kevin Hoeffer is a fraud, is to look at the picture currently used on his site/s next to his “bio”. The picture is supposedly of him and his wife, however, it is a stock photograph that anybody can purchase and use as they see fit. (You’ll find it here:

Gweneth Reed December 3, 2009 at 12:42 pm got me for 76.97 when I only authorized .98 cents!!!! I am on disabilty income….this was like my CHRISTMAS money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thiefs!!!!!!

Carolyn Cameron December 4, 2009 at 9:49 pm

Hi I was nearly caught out by one of these supposedly $1.99 but luckily I read the small print and cancelled and so far its been ok but wow what a total con!

I have my own blog on how to make money from adsense which is basically what their so called blogs claim to do only I dont charge I tell you how it actually works and Im no scam artists! Im glad to have found this blog with the list of all the culprits!

I got caught out a couple of years ago by a scam website claiming to sell festival tickets as were thousands of others, its all to easy for these scammers to stick up a website and rip people off! What I want to know is why arent google able to do something about this unless they are happy to just perpetuate the google kit myth which is what it actually is.

Gyneth am also on disability benefits myself so I know what its like. That new site very thats been advertised all over the telly! I ordered a camera from them for my daughters christmas and they took the money off and said my payment hadnt gone through and customer services were very cheeky took me over a week and a half to get the money back and that was only because I kicked up such a ruccus and threatened them with watchdog and allsorts. If I hadnt then I wouldnt have been able to get my daughter anything for her xmas, managed to finally order one from tesco and it came 2 days later!

Well done to the author of this blog, keep up the good work informing as many people as possible about this scam so more arent caught out!

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