Great Link Building Service Experiement of 2011 – Update Weeks 13-20

by on July 27, 2011

It’s time for the Month 5 update!  I think my “week” count has gotten off somewhere, since the experiment was officially started back in Feb.   I’ve allowed the sites to sit and absorb the latest article posting push that I made in June and haven’t posted any new articles or links since that last push.  I’m planning one last article push before the end of this six month experiment and the start of my big duplicate content experiment.

As you probably already read, two of the sites in the experiment were put in the so called Google sandbox after link building a bunch of similar keyword links in June.

You can read how I managed to pull the BMR site out of the sandbox.  After that, bam, it was back in the rankings right where it was before.

But I waited for the LinkAloha site.  I gave it a full month to see if it was a fluke when I nudged the BMR site out of the sandbox.  And there it sat, at the very bottom of the search results for a full four weeks.  Until a few weeks ago.  I changed my LinkAloha daily link building settings to include similar generic keywords and full URLs just like I had the BMR site.

And guess what!  Lo and behold I check two days later and there it is, right were it was when it disappeared.

Definitive proof?  A sample size of two sites certainly isn’t going to pass any statistics tests, but heck if I’m not convinced.  The 1WayLinks site is also in the same boat right now, but I’m going to sit and wait on it for a while, maybe a month or two before trying the same technique to unsandbox it just as a final data point.

Some good movement this past month. The UAW site is now on page 1 at position #9.   The BMR site has now sitting at #2 for my main keyword and had a corresponding 50% increase in traffic and is on track for it’s second $100+ month from Amazon commissions.   Considering my past experience with 10x monthly profit over the holiday season, this is on track to be a $2500+ a year site for me after only 5 months.  Which makes me wonder what the heck I am doing here writing this article when I should be building another site.  But I started this experiment with you guys in mind, and I’m certainly going to finish it!

And now for the official numbers:

UniqueArticleWizard Site (.org)

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 9  (+10)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword:  200+
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 49
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 78
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 19 (+16)
  • PR: 0

Since coming back from a VERY slow start the UniqueArticleWizard site continues to climb in the rankings.  It was certainly the slowest starter in the experiment, but is now in a very respectable second place with it’s entry onto page 1 for my main keyword.  Note that it’s one of the only sites with no Page Rank, yet still outranks most of the others for my main keyword.


1WayLinks Site (.net):

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 200+ (SANDBOXED)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  200+
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 160
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 88
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 70 (+17)
  • PR: 2

1WayLinks is sitting in the sandbox right now, having dropped there about two weeks into the latest article submission.  It puts links out at 10-20 a day, so it can take some time do to a larger 300-400 article submission.  Note that it has the highest PR of all the sites, so I expect it to come out of the sandbox with some good movement up in the rankings.


LinkAloha Site (.com):

  • Google Rank: 31 (+5)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  not in the top 200.
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 76
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 96
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 19 (+10)
  • PR: 1

The LinkAloha site continues to hang in there.  LinkAloha just updated their link offering this month that I haven’t taken advantage of yet.  They’ve added 3 other types of links that you can take advantage of each month.  Right now I can add 20 Article Directory links, 30 Social Bookmarking links, and 20 Private Blognetwork links to the 500 Forum profile links I’m getting each month.  They said that it’s free for current subscribers and they plan to raise prices for new  subscribers once the testing period is done, so if you’ve been thinking of trying out LinkAloha, now is the time!


BuildMyRank Site (.org):

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 2 (+1)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  36
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 29
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 17
  • Pages Indexed: 8
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 21 (+19)
  • PR: 1

BMR continues to dominate and received a nice spike across the board since the last 30 article push.  If you are worried about not getting your “money’s worth” by not posting 300 articles a month to BMR, you can officially stop worring!  I’ve only posted 70 articles total with links pointing at to the BMR site over the last 5 months and the results have been great.  I don’t think more would really have helped, except maybe the sub-pages.  I’m going to focus on those next and see if I can rank all of them on Page 1 in the coming months and really drive the revenue from this site into the $5000 a year range.

There is still at least one month of official data still to come, as well as long term followups.  Click Here to subscribe to The Electron Plumber so you don’t miss any updates!


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Drew July 28, 2011 at 8:48 pm

Mr. Plumber,

Great experiment and great detail. Keep up the great writing. Are you feeling like your going to stick with BMR only or are you going to continue with LinkAloha and UAW. I was getting ready to do some link building and really leaning towards putting all my eggs in the BMR basket and leaving out the others. Your thoughts? Lastly, are you tempted to explore any of those services you excluded in the initial blog post (SEOlinkvine & AMR)?

Jason August 24, 2011 at 6:28 am

I had heard of most of these services before, but after seeing your reviews I’ve gone ahead and signed up for 1WayLinks, and will likely add BuildMyRank in the future. Also, since your series has been so helpful, I’ll make sure that if I sign up for any of these products I’ll use your affiliate links.

Pat Flynn over at the Smart Passive Income Blog recommends using Unique Article Wizard to create backlinks to your backlinks, e.g. linking them back to an article posted on EZine Articles. It seems to me like there would be less expensive ways to “charge” backlinks than that, though.

Anywho, keep up the good work and you’ve earned a new affiliate customer. Cheers!

Jason Laffan September 19, 2011 at 10:38 am

El Plumber,

Love the site. Now that you got me hooked I hope there is some more content to come in the near future!


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