Great Link Building Service Experiment Update Week 2/3

by on March 7, 2011

Here is the Link Building Service Experiment update for Week 2/3.

The summary: All sites are up, all sites are getting link love from their respective service, some rankings are starting to show up but nothing worth getting excited about yet.

I want to give each service a couple of weeks to even out before giving out any real numbers. I signed up for some at the start of last week and others near the end of the week and that might be affecting the data so far.

On a scale of 1-10 for difficulty, with 10 being most difficult, I’d put my three word keyword at a 4 and the two word version at a 6. For reference, I would rate the keyword “insurance” a 10 on this scale, “car insurance” a 9, “car insurance quotes” an 8, down to “children’s toy car insurance policy” a 0.

If I can rank my three word keyword on the first page of Google with one of these services, I figure it’s WELL worth the $50 a month.

For your number crunchers, the three word has:
1000 Exact Searches Per Month
26,000 SEOTC (All in Title Competition)
27,000 SEOUC (All in URL Competition)
1,300,000 SEOC (Any mention on a page Competition)

The two word has:
10,000 Exact Searches Per Month
495,000 SEOTC (All in Title Competition)
365,000 SEOUC (All in URL Competition)
2,600,000 SEOC (Any mention on a page Competition)

Some interesting points so far

Google Preferred Indexing The .Com Version!
The only .com version in the experiment had all pages indexed in Google before any links were created, even my placeholder pages that just had “Coming Soon!” on them! The two .org’s and two .net’s still aren’t fully indexed by Google for all 10 pages I put in the sitemap, even with some backlinking. Could just be a coincidence, but I think it’s telling enough to take a second look in a follow up experiment.

Google Doesn’t Care About My Keyword Stuffed Domain
All five domains in the experiment are exact keyword stuffed, and yet none of them are in the top 1000 for that keyword for a broad search on Google! Some are barely in the top 500 exact phrase search for Google! Most are showing up in the 10-150 range for an exact phrase search on the phrase in Yahoo and Bing though.

Yahoo And Bing Did Care About My Keyword Stuffed Domain
In fact, three of my domains are in the top 20 for an exact phrase search (in quotes) on Bing, one is even at position 9! Still barely in the top 150 for that as a broad search (the kind everyone actually does) but it’s a good start for a 3 week old domain.

Week 2/3 Link Building Service Conclusions
Again, take this info with a grain of salt. This is only 5 domains and certainly not a statistically significant sample size at ALL. Coincidences may be at work here in these first few weeks. I expect any coincidences to even out in a few months of using these link building services.

So far after less than a week live, two of the services are making a decent sized standout on Yahoo and Bing ranking in the top 100, but I’m not going to tell you which yet. They are the 1st and 3rd services I started using, and were started about 5 days apart.

Stay Tuned!

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Peter C March 8, 2011 at 3:45 pm

I’m really looking forward to the results of your experiment. I just started to crank up my seo and I’m using a couple of the same services you are using. Keep it up, great blog and great idea.

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