Week 10-12 Great Link Building Service Experiment 2011 – The Ignoring Ends!

by on May 31, 2011

I have to tell you guys, I’ve learned so much by performing this link building service experiment that I’ve about 10 posts lined up about all the cool secrets, hints, and tricks that I’ve discovered.  I’ve even started outsourcing the BMR article writing and will have some advice and suggestions on outsourcing for you guys soon.

Honestly, shutting down the link building on these sites has taught me quite a bit.  By putting advertising on the sites with no link building going on, I’ve seen how these can affect a sites performance.  It’s also becoming clear which links are super powerful and which might be less effective.

So, the summary.  The BMR site is still holding strong at #3.  The 1WayLinks site had a huge jump to #11, and the UAW site jumped to #19.  LinkAloha is down to page 4.  All with NO link building for 2 months.

I can now safely say the ignoring has ended!   Over the past few days I’ve started submitting a spun article to 600 1WayLinks, an article to UAW for 350 links,  15 links a day to LinkAloha, and another 10 unique articles to BMR.  All of these are now targeting my second keyword target on a sub-page of the main site.

From now on, as I build new links I’m going to split them between my homepage main keyword and my sub-page sub keywords about 50/50.

Week 10/11/12 Update

My own manual SEO efforts (.net)

  • Google Rank: None in top 200
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 6

I’ve given up on my own SEO site.  I’ve decided to keep this site as a sort of scientific control site and make no links to it.  It shows that the other services are working and it’s not just on page optimization that is causing them to rise in the rankings.  I’m considering doing a sort of uber rush at the end of week 24 and point all 4 services at this one site and see if it gets slapped or jumps over all the rest.


UniqueArticleWizard Site (.org)

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 19  (+6)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword:  200+
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 65
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 131
  • Pages Indexed: 7
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 3 (-1)

Since coming back from a slow start the UniqueArticleWizard site is still doing well, despite only ever having ONE article distributed on the UAW network for a total of about 250 sites.  I’m very interested to see how this next article set affects the rankings.


1WayLinks Site (.net):

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 11 (+19)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  80
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 149
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 94
  • Pages Indexed: 8
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 53 (-23)

1WayLinks had a really nice ranking jump these past few weeks.  I had completely forgotten that I had never finished implementing a little 1WayLinks magic trick that a friend who uses 1WayLinks exclusively told me about.  Note that it’s nothing outside the scope of this experiment.   It only uses the 650 1WayLink articles I’d already submitted and a little tweak on the 1WayLinks specific site.  I’ll probably save this little tidbit for the special report at the end of the experiment.


LinkAloha Site (.com):

  • Google Rank: 37 (+5)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  not in the top 200.
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 168
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 122
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 9 (-21)

The LinkAloha site continues to hang in there.  For me, this officially answers the question about low quality profile links once and for all.  Yes, they do work!.  But no, they aren’t as powerful as content links.  And spun unlinked content isn’t as powerful as unique linked content.  Honestly this should come as no surprise to anyone.


BuildMyRank Site (.org):

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 3 (+1)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  67
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #2: 38
  • Sub Page 3 Word Keyword #3: 68
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 2 (-11)

BMR continues to dominate, even eight weeks later with no new links made.   It’s even making a respectable showing with the other three keywords despite having no external links for them.  I can’t wait to see if the sub pages pop into the top 10 with some more articles.  One of the things holding me back with this experiment so far is the lack of my own time to write BMR articles.  Each has to be unique and can ‘t be spun or duplicated.  I’ve decided to start outsourcing these to a freelancer, so I should be able to crank up the backlink volume here on the BMR site.

There are months of data still to come here that you don’t want to miss.  If you haven’t subscribed to The Electron Plumber feed yet, click here!

Click Here to see the Week 13-20 Update!

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Delfin Joaquin Paris III June 4, 2011 at 2:51 pm

Wow – GREAT test.

I have a recommendation…

A friend of mine *who actually gets results* swears that BMR is a piece of crap. Now, it’s clear that it’s working super well for you – when I used it for a month I thought it was great, especially how quickly nearly all the posts got indexed.

My buddy maintains that a much better program is Bryan Zimmerman’s SEO Link Machine.

Anyone reading this post ever used it? Thanks!

El Plumber (admin) June 4, 2011 at 10:44 pm

Delfin, is the “buddy” you are talking about here Bryan Zimmerman by any chance? ;)

I’ve never heard of SEO Link Machine before now, and looking into it seems pretty fly by night. 25k credits for links monthly, what does that mean? What they heck is a credit? There really isn’t a lot of information on the site. Do the links stay around if I stop paying? What is the PR of the sites? How many words per article are required? How many links per article? Are they pinged? Do they get backlinked? How many credits per article? Are the sites targeted around a specific subject or completely general. None of this is explained on the sales site which makes me pretty skeptical of whomever is running it.

It seems to be a spun content network, which would compare more with UAW and 1WayLinks more than BMR. 25K spun article submissions a month seems like a *lot* more than the 650 I’m currently getting with 1WayLinks each month, but there are almost 8000 sites in the 1WayLinks network, vs ~800 in this guys network. After the first month of 25k links, you would have completely saturated that link network with 5 links on each site. General consensus is that Google will basically ignore repeat links from the same domain after the first couple.

That being said, I’ll keep it in mind to look at it again for my 2012 Link Building Service experiment. Maybe by then there will be more information on the main site.

Delfin Joaquin Paris III June 4, 2011 at 10:57 pm

Ha – no, I don’t know Bryan, but funny enough, I have met his previous business partner (also named Brian!).

But, yeah, it looks pretty fly by night for me too. That’s why I was hoping you had heard of it, or had some inside knowledge if it worked.

I recently paid for Matt LeClear’s 100 blog links per day on his private network, and (I hate to say it), but I’m not sure there’s a ton of value there.
I’ve even posted on his thread to ask if anyone can share their results, but so far nobody’s stepped up. I offered (like you) to share my results – even as far as posting my results, but Matt had my post taken down at WF.

I’m, like you, looking for a good blog network to post content to – so far, BMR seems to be the frontrunner (for me too), although to be fair, I have had a lot of success with UAW.

Here’s a little UAW trick – although it skirts some ethical boundaries…

After a post’s initial run, change up the categories in UAW to something totally different than your actual article. I have found most of their blogs are auto-accept for new articles, so you can get a few hundred extra links. Basically you can run an article for all 30 days just by changing up the categories.

I did this for months, and only once did they reject an article based on categories. I’m sure they would hate me saying this, but heck, it’s their fault if their blog partners (I’m one too – and I’m on autoaccept – ha) blindly take everything.

If you find any other private blog networks that seem legit, let’s go in on an experiment together! Might even make for a great ebook!

Jerry Tellier June 6, 2011 at 4:10 pm

In your experiment with BMR, are you posting the max of 10 articles per day, everyday?

You mention outsourcing it, how many times would you be submitting articles per week?

Looking forward to your follow-up post on outsourcing.


El Plumber (admin) June 7, 2011 at 9:45 am

Jerry, far from it. Here are my exact post counts:

8 on 2/20/2011
8 on 3/7/2011
8 on 3/17/2011
8 on 4/2/2011
10 on 5/29/2011 targeting my main keyword
20 on 6/1/2011 targeting two sub-keyword

So a total of 24 articles got me to a #3 ranking. I personally don’t think more is better here. I strongly suspect that Google has ways to detect and ignore too many links from interlinked networks of sites. I don’t know how many sites BMR actually has, but since they only have PR1-5 sites, it has to be somewhat limited. I have no proof yet, but people have suggested that BMR works amazingly well for the first 30-50 links to a single site, then drops way off.

Jerry Tellier June 7, 2011 at 1:24 pm

Thanks for the detailed reply!

I’ve considered signing up to them but I’m giving it second thoughts.

Based on those results, do you still think it justifies the monthly on-going cost? Especially considering that after 30-50 links things drop off (unofficially).

Those 30-50 links, is that total PER SITE, or can you have that per page?

Have you ever tried Authority Link Network? I realize there are so many to choose from.

It’s similar in that your spun articles only go to PR1-6 sites. But it’s a one-off price. I purchased two PR3 domains for less then the cost of one month on BMR, which allows me to submit 3 articles with 3 links per article, per day.

I realize that ALN does not have the quality controls in place like ALN, but for the price??

Would be interested to hear your thoughts on them.

I only started with them less then 2 weeks ago, so it’s early to check the results.


El Plumber (admin) June 8, 2011 at 1:59 pm

I don’t know anything about Authority Link Network, nor will I probably ever. You have to opt in on their squeeze page to get any real information about their service, including pricing. Seems awfully sketchy to me.

Simon Young October 2, 2011 at 9:11 am

I am also using BMR for the past two weeks, so far not much but it is early days.

My problem is with is scalability, for 5 sites writng a post every day is a pain, and it needs to be done 7 days a week. sure I can pay their $2.5 but it would cost me 5*2.5*30 = $375, I am in the UK so £250 per month for just 5 sites.

Thing is I have over 50, how do I manage that with BMR – it would cost £2500 per month!!!!!!

So what can I use which is scalable and does not cost £2500.

I was thinking about going back to Senuke but I hate to give them any more money as I am not convinced it works.

Jerry October 2, 2011 at 3:52 pm

Simon Young,

There is a service on BackLinksForum that will submit 75 links a month on BMR for $60 a month. Isn’t that about the monthly price for BMR?

For $120 a month you can get your 5 links a day submitted and have someone do it all for you. No membership needed.

Thought I’d pass that on to you. I’m not affiliated with their service in any way.


El Plumber (admin) October 2, 2011 at 7:28 pm

Simon, you’re thinking about it wrong on a number of levels:
You don’t need to write every day. Go to freelancer.com or somewhere like that and find someone to write you 150 word articles AND submit them to BMR for you for about $1 a post.

Then, change your mode of thinking. So you have 50 sites, great. But so what? What is your goal with those sites? You have to think of it as a business investment. Take your initial assessment of $2500 a month for your 50 sites. If BMR gets you high rankings for your keywords and each site makes $250 a month, then $2500 to make $12,500 seems like a bargain to me! But you have to pick the right keywords for the right content to get there.

Simon Young October 3, 2011 at 2:23 pm

Hi, yes I did think that with increased ranking should lead to increased sales – i had better not tell my wife I am going to splurge £2500 per month though.

You can get posts writen on Fivrr for around $1, some good, some bad but generally good enough.

Before I start spending on BMR what are your thoughts on Senuke, it is more scalable to my needs but I think too many of their sites are nofollow.

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