Do Not Promote How Lame Your Blog Is – 100 Rules For Bloggers #16

by on May 3, 2009

There is no shame in having a new blog, nor is there any shame in having a personal blog where you do not care how many subscribers you have or how many people actually read it.  But just as you shouldn’t put advertising on a new blog (see Rule #3), don’t go flouting that you have absolutely no friends or traffic.

I was surfing around some blogs the other night and came across one with this on it:

feedburner 0 subscribers loser

That’s right.  Not only did they have 0 subscribers, THEY WERE ADVERTISING THAT FACT with a Feedburner chicklet.  It is not a good idea to fudge your subscriber numbers, but at the very least you can attempt to not draw attention to the fact that you have none.

If you want to see if you have subscribers, go to the Feedburner admin page.

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