Why Is UniqueArticleWizard Doing So Poorly In The Link Building Service Experiment?

by El Plumber (admin) on March 17, 2011

uniquearticlewizard Why Is UniqueArticleWizard Doing So Poorly In The Link Building Service Experiment?If you’ve been following my Link Building Service experiment so far, you know that there was quite a pop on three of the five sites.  The two sites that didn’t pop at all were my own SEO site and the UniqueArticleWizard site.

My own SEO site didn’t pop because I’ve been neglecting it, just like I’ve done with all my sites.  That’s why I’m evaluating these services right!?!

Note that I have nothing against UniqueArticleWizard in general and that just getting on the Google 200 map for a medium difficulty keyword in just a few short weeks is pretty good.  It’s just that the other three services are knocking it out of the water by getting on the second or third page in that same amount of time.

But *why* isn’t it keeping up with the others?  Is there anything we can learn from this?  Heck yeah!

Let’s take a look at the success stories and why they might be succeeding first:

The BuildMyRank site is the leader so far, and with only 1/10th the links as the other two services.  I think it’s winning because…

  • Each site your article appears on is at least PR1, some as high as PR4.  That gives your article some high page rank time on the front page to get it noticed.
  • BuildMyRank automatically creates backlinks and social media sites to your single article pages.  I’ve found backlinks from various sites pointing to some of my posted articles.  This gives them extra weight.
  • The pages the articles are posted on have very few other links on them, giving my link more weight.
  • The article sites all have 100% unique content, which likely give them far more weight with Google.

Next is the 1WayLinks site at a close second.  I’ve posted about 400 articles here so far, each with 2 links on it.  It’s doing well because…

  • The sheer number of articles and thus volume of links.
  • The article sites are all run by users in the network.  Many of them have decent PageRank and design and backlinks in their own right.
  • The 1WayLinks network adds backlinks to the sites that host their articles, giving those sites and your articles some extra oomf.
  • Every article exists.  It says it’s posted 400+ articles and I have a list of direct links to prove it.   So far I haven’t found one that didn’t have my article on it.
  • The articles are well spun enough using TheBestSpinner to look unique.

What about LinkAloha, which is also doing well?

  • The large number of links, over 400 so far.
  • Many of  the sites they are posted on have a high Page Rank from their main pages.
  • Every page is pinged with the major services to help them get indexed.
  • Every page is featured in an RSS feed linking back to it.

UniqueArticleWizard has very few of these features above.  Less than half of the 300 submissions actually appear to be published.  All it does is submit the articles to sites that are either low end article farms or random autoblogs.  There is no backlinking or pinging or extra promoting of your articles.  It’s EXTREMELY likely that the way UAW spins the articles by complete paragraph rather than words or sentences leave enough of a footprint for Google to detect and ignore.  They aren’t actually “unique” articles, but rather mixed paragraphs from three different sets.

Again, I’m not trying to knock UAW here, just trying to explain why it’s lagging way behind.

I’m sure I could manually make UniqueAritcleWizard do better.  Spend time posting more articles, spin them more, create extra manual backlinks, etc.  BUT that’s not the point of using a service like this.  I should get a boost out of the box.   I could do that for the three services that are actually working and boost them even more instead.  I could get more than double the LinkAloha links each month with the money I’m spending on UAW.  I could point those extra links at the articles created with 1WayLinks for an even bigger boost.  I could buy a big old pile of BuildMyRank articles and drip them out.

If anyone from UAW is reading this, I think it’s time for UAW2.0 with the features listed above that are making the other services win where UAW fails.  Ping the created articles, submit them to social media sites, and create backlinks to them to make it worth the cost.


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Peter C March 18, 2011 at 9:42 pm

To what extent are you spinning your articles with 1waylinks?

El Plumber (admin) March 18, 2011 at 10:04 pm

They are very spun Peter. I created four different versions of each sentence from scratch, then did some light synonym spinning inside each of those sentences. TheBestSpinner reports it as 96% unique.

I think after this experiment one of the next ones I’ll do is spun vs non-spun content for links and see if there really is a duplicate content penalty.

Bob April 4, 2011 at 7:36 pm

I’ve been following your test on Warrior Forum and I’m learning quite a bit. Thank you so much for doing this AND making it public. I almost just bought UAW and there is no way I’m going to do that now. You saved $67 a month that I think I will spend on BMR.

Thanks again,


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