Week 5 Of The Great Link Building Service Experiement of 2011 – Page 1!

by on March 26, 2011

I thought Week 4 was a big jump, but Week 5 appears to have gone even further.

That’s right, it’s time for the Week 5 Update on the Great Link Building Service Experiment.  If you haven’t been keeping up, I STRONGLY suggest you read from the beginning, as I’ve been getting questions that were already answered in a previous update.  Here is the trail so far:

  1. The Great SEO Link Building Service Experiment of 2011
  2. Great Link Building Service Experiment Update Week 2/3
  3. The Great Link Building Service Experiement 2011 – Week 4 – Wow!

Also, check out these side updates on the various services being tested:

  1. LinkAloha First Impressions – Great Link Building Service Experiment 2011
  2. BuildMyRank First Impressions – Great SEO Link Building Experiment 2011
  3. Why Is UniqueArticleWizard Doing So Poorly In The Link Building Service Experiment?
  4. I still need to write a first impression for 1WayLinks!  Soon, I promise.

For the impatient, here is the skinny.  One site is now on Page 1 of Google!  One site on Page 2 of Google, another on Page 3.  Two sites aren’t anywhere to be found in the first 20 pages of Google.  I had my first Adsense revenue appear this week as well.

The top three sites have started ranking in the top 200 for my higher level 2 word phrase too.  I may start targeting links to the 2 word phrase directly to see what happens there.

The next couple of weeks I plan on starting to mix it up a little bit with some deep linking.  I’m going to take about half the links from each service and point them at a sub article targeting a different related keyword.  This should help bring more traffic to the sites while still boosting the main keywords and home page.

Week 5 Update

My own manual SEO efforts (.net)

  • Google Rank: None in top 200
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 6

Still in the dumps, I’ve totally been neglecting my hand linked SEO site.  After seeing the results from the top three services, I just can’t bring myself to slog through all the manual submissions, the creating accounts, the begging for links and all that junk that made me neglect my link building in the first place.


UniqueArticleWizard Site (.org)

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: dropped below 200+ (-41)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  200+
  • Pages Indexed: 7
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 13

The UniqueArticleWizard site has dropped completely the map.  The poor performance of UAW seems to be a surprise for many since there are so many glowing reviews out there.  Honestly, in my opinion it really doesn’t shock me at all.  You know how many ShamWow’s have been sold for $19.95 plus S&H?  Millions.  It’s a damned $1 car wash towel!  It even has the word “Sham” right there in the name!  Yet people get sucked in by the pitch and can’t help themselves.  Good marketing can always sell even the most underwhelming product.

Check out Why Is UniqueArticleWizard Doing So Poorly In The Link Building Service Experiment? for my opinion on why it’s doing so badly.  Google may have given the slap to article marketing recently with the big Farmer update, but I suspect UAW lost it’s luster a few years ago.  If any of you reading this are paying $67 a month for UAW, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.


1WayLinks Site (.net):

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 36 (+8)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  137
  • Pages Indexed: 8
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 181

So far I have used 450 article submissions pointing at my 1WayLinks site, all spun from the same article.   Honestly, I’ve placed a lot more effort in writing the 24 articles for BuildMyRank than the one I’ve been milking on 1WayLinks.  I think with a little effort toward backlinking  the articles it could be ranking much higher.  Because of the way I’ve spun the link text in the articles, I’m getting far more traffic to this site for long tail keywords.  While being third in these metrics, it is the site that has generated the most revenue so far.


LinkAloha Site (.com):

  • Google Rank: 13 (+34)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  117
  • Pages Indexed: 9
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 17

The LinkAloha site made a huge leap this week and while it’s not the very first, it’s really the winner here.  Unlike the others, which take 2-4 hours a week to write articles and spin and whatnot, LinkAloha is on 100% autopilot other than 15 minutes setting it up a month ago.  It really is a hand off link building dream.

LinkAloha is currently having a sale where you can get 250 of these juiced links for only $24.  I have the 500 link subscription here since the $47 price more closely matched the other services.   The suite spot seems to be 5000 links for $197, but that might be out of some of your budgets right now.  After seeing these results I am going to step up to the 5000 link level and use the other 4500 not in this experiment for a bunch of other sites I’ve started recently.


BuildMyRank Site (.org):

  • Main 3 Word Keyword Google Rank: 9 (+5)
  • Harder 2 Word Keyword Google Rank:  83
  • Pages Indexed: 8
  • Yahoo reported Backlinks: 17

And in the top slot, it’s still BuildMyRank! All right, color me impressed.  I have now created only 24 links to my BuildMyRank site and it’s pushed the site up onto Page 1 for my main keyword.  In fact, I hit rank 10 on just 16 links.  I added 8 more late last week and the site started climbing again.  I suspect that if I could do this full time and put the full allowed limit of 10 links a day per site up onto their system it would do even better.

The great thing is, you can get 10 links on the BuildMyRank network for free as a trial.  Considering the results I’m seeing with a very limited number of links,  you’d be crazy not to take advantage of it.

I’ve also discovered some major tricks to getting the more out of your BuildMyRank posts.  Stay tuned, I’ll be whipping up a tutorial at some point.








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todd April 8, 2011 at 2:33 pm

I have been following your experiment. I have been using Lynxboss/backlinkninja and Article Ranks and submitting pressreleases etc. and have noticed allot of my sites have dropped after the Panda update. I have read that many sites have also dropped from people using BMR. Wondering if you are experiencing the same.

Thoughts would be appreciated.

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